This is the second strand of the National Strategy for Governor Support and Training. In 2002, the Department awarded the contract to develop the programme to Consortium 52, which consisted of the LAs and diocesan authorities based in the North East, North West and Yorkshire and Humberside regions.

The programme builds on national expertise and is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate both new and experienced clerks. It can either be undertaken as a tutor-led course or by following a distance-learning guide, enabling the course to be taken independently.

It consists of five training modules:

  • The governing body (the national picture, governing body roles and responsibilities, governing schools, school and curriculum organisation and school improvement);
  • Clerk as administrator (meeting preparation, meetings and minutes);
  • Clerk as information manager (including ICT support);
  • Clerk as adviser (legislation and advice, including procedural advice, advising on an agenda and policy, procedures and advice);
  • Clerk in action (based on doing the job and mentor support.

The training programme was first distributed to LAs in August 2003 and revised in 2005 to include changes introduced by the 2005 Education Act and New Relationships with Schools. The full revised clerks training programme, which consists of a trainer's toolkit, course reader, assessment book, a distance-learning guide and short dramas on video and a CD-ROM, was delivered to all LAs in England. The training programme is also available to diocesan boards and independent trainers who work in conjunction with LAs.

The distance-learning guide version of the training programme is available to download from this page.

The National Clerks' Training Programme is accredited to enable candidates to obtain an NVQ qualification. Clerks considering accreditation should contact coordinators of governor services in their LA.

A copy of the clerks' model job description and person specification can be found at Appendix 1 to the clerks' course reader.