Children and young people need attractive and accessible school buildings. 'Inclusive' design can enable and empower those with SEN and disabilities to participate fully in life at school and in the wider community.

Building Bulletin 102: Designing for disabled children and children with special educational needs provides non-statutory design guidance on accommodation for children with SEN and disabilities for special school and mainstream school projects. It replaces Building Bulletin 77: Designing for Pupils with Special Educational Needs, Special Schools as well as Building Bulletin 91, Access for Disabled People to School Buildings and Building Bulletin 94, Inclusive School Design.

The publication includes: 'inclusive design principles', guidance on individual spaces and technical guidance on building construction, environmental services, furniture, equipment and ICT. It is not prescriptive but provides a starting point for authorities, schools and designers to develop solutions to suit local needs. The recommended area standards are significantly increased compared with those in Building Bulletin 77, to reflect increased pupil needs, changing practices, legislation and policies.

Building Bulletin 102 includes sample accommodation schedules for different sizes and types of school. The Department plans to provide additional schedules on this site in 2009.