We are always working to improve what we do and your feedback can help. If you can suggest an improvement to the way we work or if you have a complaint, please contact our Stakeholder relations team:

Stakeholder relations team
Standards and Testing Agency
53-55 Butts Road
Earlsdon Park
Coventry CV1 3BH

Email: assessments@education.gov.uk

We investigate and respond to queries and complaints within 15 working days. If we can't respond in full within that time, we will write to tell you what is being done and when you can expect a full response.

If you are not happy with the way your complaint has been handled, there is a final stage of appeal and you can ask for it to be reviewed again by a deputy director within the Department for Education. Please note that, in order to ensure appropriate separation between ministers and standards, any concerns relating to the standard setting process for national assessments will be escalated to STA's chief executive officer, who will be responsible for test administration and assessment standards.

Regulatory concerns

The STA is regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), the regulator of qualifications, tests and assessments in England and vocational qualifications in Northern Ireland. Regulatory concerns can be raised with Ofqual.

Contacting the ombudsman

We work hard to resolve complaints in a quick and appropriate way. However, if you feel your complaint has not been dealt with fairly, you can ask your MP to write to the independent parliamentary commissioner for administration (the ombudsman) to request a review.

Following investigation, the ombudsman may conclude that a complaint was wholly or partly justified, in which case the organisation may be asked to resolve the matter. If the complaint is found to be unjustified the case may be closed.