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Postcode DistancesPostcode Distances

This tool allows users to calculate the straight line distance between two UK postcodes. The distances are given in both miles and metres.

Please note that results obtained from this tool are based on the postcode area mean and as such should not be used as the definitive measure of distance for school admissions or other purposes.

To calculate the straight line distance between two postcodes, enter the postcodes below:

First postcode:
Second postcode:

Postcode Distances Batch ToolPostcode Distances Batch Tool

You can also upload a CSV file (up to 200 Kb) specifying its delimiter (usually a comma or tab), the postcodes columns numbers and the distance unit required (miles or km). A new column will be added to the file giving the distances between the two postcodes.

Note: Fields which contain a delimiter should have quotation marks around them.

Upload CSV file:
Field delimiter:
First postcode column number:
Second postcode column number:
Distance unit:

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