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IDACI Score and Rank of IDACIIDACI Score and Rank of IDACI

This tool allows users to determine the IDACI score and rank of any postcode in England. The IDACI score and rank are for the Super Output Area (SOA) in which the postcode lies.

The IDACI score and rank of IDACI have been sourced from Communities and Local Government, Indices of Deprivation 2010. See descriptions of the IDACI score and rank.

All scores are presented to two decimal places. In some cases SOAs with apparently the same score will be given different ranks, according to their actual score. The SOA with a rank of 1 is the most deprived, and 32482 the least deprived, on this overall measure. Please note that disclosure control has been applied to the IDACI scores. Any cells with underlying numerator counts of less than three persons have been suppressed by setting to zero. IDACI rank remains unaffected.

To find the IDACI score and rank of an individual postcode please enter the postcode here:


IDACI Lookup Batch ToolIDACI Lookup Batch Tool

You can also upload a CSV file (up to 200 Kb) specifying its delimiter (usually a comma or tab) and the number of the field which contains the postcodes. Two new columns will be added to the file giving the IDACI score and rank of the SOA in which each postcode lies.

Note: Fields which contain a delimiter should have quotation marks around them.

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