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Special SchoolsSt Helens

Local Authority (2014)

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2013/14  School  Characteristics / Pupil population - Sorted by School name, in descending order.

data last updated on 10 Jun 2015

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▼ School name Number of pupils on roll Number of boys on roll Number of girls on roll Percentage of pupils with SEN with statements or on School Action Plus Percentage of pupils with English not as a first language Percentage of pupils eligible for free school meals Number of pupils eligible for FSM at any time during the past 6 years Percentage of pupils eligible for FSM at any time during the past 6 years
Special Schools (tick the box next to a school/college to select it for comparison - once you have selected all required schools/colleges click here: Compare)
Wargrave House School 54 46 8 100.0% 0.0% 29.6% 10.0 NP
Penkford School 51 45 6 100.0% 0.0% 60.8% 41.0 80.4%
Nugent House School NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
Lansbury Bridge School 206 144 62 100.0% 2.6% 43.0% 102.0 50.7%
Displaying 1 - 4 of 4 schools

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