Primary (2014)Whitbourne CofE Primary School

last update : (31 Jan 2015)

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This school is now closed .

School details last update : (29 Jan 2015)

01886 821266
Mrs Julia Millwood
Voluntary Controlled School
Church of England

This school is not included in the 2014 KS2 Performance Tables

Pupil Absence last update : (11 Dec 2013)

  School England - national (primary state-funded)
5.8% 4.8%
SUPP 3.6%

Please note - this year the Department will publish full year 2013/14 absence data in the performance tables in March 2015 rather than just the autumn and spring term data in December as in previous years, and we will continue to do so in future years. This is because the full year data provides the most robust indication of school absence rates.
School level information for the 2013/14 autumn and spring term only is available in our Statistical First Release here

2013-14 Finance last update : (29 Jan 2015)

No 2013-2014 Consistent Financial Reporting data (see the guidance)

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