Secondary (2014)The Ebbsfleet Academy

last update : (20 Mar 2015)

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This is a new academy which opened 01 November 2013; please refer to Swan Valley Community School for previous results.

School details last update : (29 Jan 2015)

Southfleet Road
DA10 0BZ
01322 623100
Ms Colwell
Academy Sponsor Led
Confirmation that school has checked its data (Secondary) No


2014 KS4 Performance Tables last update : (29 Jan 2015)

Cohort information

Number of pupils at the end of KS4recently modified 123

  Number in cohort Percentage of cohort
recently modified 33recently modified 27%
72recently modified 60%
recently modified 16recently modified 13%
4 3%
16 13%

Year on year comparisons

Chart Line Percentage achieving 5+ A*-C GCSEs (or equivalent) including English and maths GCSEs2011Link to help information2012Link to help information2013Link to help information2014Link to help information
School NA NA 0%recently modified 36%
LA 59.4% 61.3% 63.1% 58%
England - All Schools 59% 59.4% 59.2% 53.4%

KS4 exam results

  All pupilsLow attainersLink to help informationMiddle attainersLink to help informationHigh attainersLink to help information
Percentage achieving 5 A*-C GCSEs (or equivalents) including English and maths GCSEsrecently modified 36% 0% 42%recently modified 88%
Percentage achieving A*-C in English and maths GCSEsrecently modified 38% 0% 46%recently modified 88%
Percentage of pupils achieving the EBacc 2% 0% 3% 6%
Percentage of pupils achieving 5+ A*-C grade GCSEs (or equivalent)recently modified 46%   
Percentage of pupils achieving 5+ A*-G grade GCSEs (or equivalent)recently modified 86%   
recently modified 98%   
5 0 3 2
4% 0% 4%recently modified 13%

KS4 pupil progress

  All pupils Low attainers Middle attainers High attainers
recently modified 60%recently modified 25% 68%recently modified 94%
recently modified 45%recently modified 36% 51%recently modified 38%
recently modified 955.5recently modified 945.1 962.4recently modified 946.1
recently modified 942.5recently modified 920.1 945.5recently modified 910.3
recently modified 968.5recently modified 970.0 979.3recently modified 982.0

KS4 Average Point Scores

  All pupils Low attainers Middle attainers High attainers
recently modified 244.3recently modified 153.2 268.7recently modified 325.3
Average grade per qualification  F+ D+ recently modified C+

KS4 Exam entries

  All pupils Low attainers Middle attainers High attainers
recently modified 7.1recently modified 5.7 7.5recently modified 8.7

Disadvantaged Pupils

  Disadvantaged pupils Other pupils
Number of Pupils 51recently modified 72
Percentage of Pupilsrecently modified 41%recently modified 59%
Percentage achieving grades A*-C in English and maths GCSEs 24%recently modified 49%
Percentage achieving 5+ A*-C GCSEs (or equivalent) including English and maths GCSEs 22%recently modified 46%
39%recently modified 75%
33%recently modified 54%
929.8recently modified 974.2
909.7recently modified 957.1
recently modified 949.8recently modified 991.4
6.3recently modified 7.8
192.1recently modified 281.3

For the purposes of the table Disadvantaged pupils are considered as those eligible for free school meals and children
looked after (ie, In the care of the Local Authority for at least 6 months)

Pupil absence 2013/14 full academic year last update : (20 Mar 2015)

Note, absence information is based on the full academic year

  School England - national (secondary state-funded)
7.2% 5.2%
4.5% 5.3%

2013-14 Finance last update : (29 Jan 2015)

No 2013-2014 Consistent Financial Reporting data (see the guidance)

School Workforce last update : (29 Jan 2015)

This data is based upon the November 2013 School Workforce Census

  School England - national (secondary state-funded)
38 227957
16 68901
17 89346
38.0 211533.0
14.1 53876.9
15.4 74423.5
14.9 15.0
33326 38521

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