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There are hundreds of parenting programmes run in the UK, but the ones listed on this site are all evidence-based. This means that they have been independently evaluated and show that they can bring about positive changes in families. Find out more information for parents.

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About the ratings

To be included on this website, parenting programmes are rated using the Parenting Programme Evaluation Tool (PPET). This tool rates parenting programmes against standards of best practice in four domains:

  1. The specificity of the programme’s target population (Who is it for?)
  2. The programme’s theories and activities (What does it do?)
  3. The programme’s training and implementation support systems (Who delivers the programmes and how?)
  4. The strength of the programme’s evaluation evidence (How we know the programme works?).

All programmes receive a rating from 0 to 4 within each category, resulting in four ratings. A rating of 4 means that the programme meets all of the criteria in the category (in other words, the programme is strongly developed in this domain) and a rating of 0 if they do not meet any of the criteria.

  • Four stars
  • Three stars
  • Two stars
  • One star
  • Zero stars
  • Strong
  • Promising
  • Preliminary
  • Requires further development
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