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Establishment: Chapel-en-le-Frith High School


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Census DateJanuary 2014Number of Pupils921
Number of Boys485Number of Girls435
Annual School Census Highest Age15Annual School Census Lowest Age11
Boys (Aged <=2)0Girls (Aged <=2)0
Boys (Aged 3)0Girls (Aged 3)0
Boys (Aged 4a)0Girls (Aged 4a)0
Boys (Aged 4b)0Girls (Aged 4b)0
Boys (Aged 4c)0Girls (Aged 4c)0
Boys (Aged 5)0Girls (Aged 5)0
Boys (Aged 6)0Girls (Aged 6)0
Boys (Aged 7)0Girls (Aged 7)0
Boys (Aged 8)0Girls (Aged 8)0
Boys (Aged 9)0Girls (Aged 9)0
Boys (Aged 10)0Girls (Aged 10)0
Boys (Aged 11)95Girls (Aged 11)86
Boys (Aged 12)114Girls (Aged 12)90
Boys (Aged 13)82Girls (Aged 13)92
Boys (Aged 14)92Girls (Aged 14)84
Boys (Aged 15)102Girls (Aged 15)84
Boys (Aged 16)0Girls (Aged 16)0
Boys (Aged 17)0Girls (Aged 17)0
Boys (Aged 18)0Girls (Aged 18)0
Boys (Aged 19+)0Girls (Aged 19+)0
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Release date: 07/04/2015