School Capacity

Capacity for local authority maintained schools means the number of pupils for which the school is organised to make provision. For academies the capacity refers to the planned capacity as stated in the academies funding agreement


Category: Phase of Education. Full-time education suitable to the requirements of pupils of compulsory school age who have attained the age of 10 yrs and 6 months.

SEN Unit

SEN Units are special provisions within a mainstream school where the children are taught mainly within separate classes. Units: receive additional funding from the LA specifically for the purpose of the provision; cater for a specific type or types of SEN (e.g. autistic spectrum disorders); are usually for pupils with statements of SEN (but may also provide support for pupils at School Action Plus).

Sixth Form Colleges

Category: Type of Establishment. A Sixth (6th) Form College is an educational institution, eligible for the receipt of public funding through the Learning Skills Council, which deals principally with the delivery of academic provision to 16-19 year olds

Special Measures

Is where a school is judged by OFSTED to be failing, or likely to fail, to provide an acceptable standard of education.

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