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Welcome to the EduBase public portal.

The Department for Education's register of educational establishments in England and Wales.
Using the search box below select school type and location to quickly find establishments in your local area or use the advanced search page for further search criteria including establishments that are closed or planned to open in the future.


From this page you are able to perform a simple search of all open establishments in England and Wales.

If you leave a field blank, the default will include all establishments.

The 'Show me' drop down list allows you to select the type of establishment you wish to see in your search results.

You have the ability to search by location, and can set a radius of inclusion. If you do not set a radius, it will search for exact matches only.

When searching by establishment name, often it is best to search for a single word in a name. Sometimes the name on EduBase may differ slightly to the commonly used name.

Church of England is generally referred to as CofE in EduBase.

For more advanced searches, or to find closed schools, please use the Advanced search page

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You can define more advanced search criteria on the advanced search page

Registered users can login to access additional features including downloading extracts of data. If you are not currently registered and would like access to these additional features please click the subscribe link on the left hand menu for more information.

Contacting EduBase

If you are a school and have a query regarding Secure Access please read the help pages or contact the Department using the Secure Access Service Request Form.

If you are a school and have a query regarding data collection, School Census, Collect or School 2 School please read the following sections: school census and collect or school 2 school alternatively please contact the EDD helpdesk using the Data Collections Service Request Form.

Non EduBase enquiries including queries about independent schools should be directed to the main DfE website.

If you have any queries regarding your RAISEonline report then please contact

If you require support in using EduBase, please contact the service desk via the service request/feedback form.

Download all data

To download a copy of the most current EduBase data, please click on the following link: EduBase data (prepared: 02/06/2015 03:25).

Please note, this data will differ from the information on state-funded and independent schools in England found: The information on state-funded and independent schools is produced on a monthly basis, as a baseline. In contrast, the download above was created this morning.


We invest significant resources into providing accurate data but there may be times when changes have not been notified to EduBase e.g. a change of head teacher.
Users should also note that the EduBase radius filter should not be used as the definitive measure of distance for school admissions purposes.

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Release date: 22/05/2015