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What happens after I qualify?

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Your induction as a newly qualified teacher (NQT) is a three-term period of assessment, usually completed in a single school year, which helps ensure that your teaching career is built on a firm foundation.

Schools recruit their staff on an individual basis according to their specific recruitment needs, just like any other employer. However, although there are no guarantees, as a trained teacher you can enjoy good employment prospects. Latest data shows that 9 out of 10 new teachers who want to teach find teaching jobs in the first 12 months.

Why have NQT induction?

Through a personalised programme of guidance and support, induction provides the tools NQTs will need to be successful teachers.

You can only begin your induction once you have gained qualified teacher status (QTS). You must successfully complete all the professional skills tests before you start your training.

What will I learn?

Your induction will be a period of supported development, building on what you have already learned in your initial teacher training (ITT). Induction includes two main elements:

  • a personalised programme of professional development and support
  • an assessment against the Teachers' Standards

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How does induction work?

Induction is assessed across the equivalent of three full school terms, with assessment at the end of each term. It can be completed full or part-time, and there can be gaps between the three terms that make up the induction period once started. There is also no limit to how much time you spend in school. NQTs can move schools after the first or second term and complete their induction in a different school.

Towards the end of each term of your induction period, you should meet your induction tutor or head teacher for a formal assessment. The main focus is your progress in meeting the Teachers’ Standards consistently over a sustained period in your practice.

After each of the first two meetings, the head teacher should make a report to the appropriate body, which is usually a local authority or teaching school, recording your progress against the standards.

Following the assessment at the end of your third term, your head teacher will make a recommendation to the appropriate body about whether your progress against the standards is satisfactory.

The appropriate body will then decide whether you have met the requirements for successfully completing the induction period, and will write to your head teacher and the National College for Teaching and Leadership to relay this decision.

The National College for Teaching and Leadership will then write to you confirming whether or not you have successfully completed induction.

If an NQT takes up a part-time position they can still undertake induction and any appointment that lasts for a term or more will count towards the induction period. The length of the induction period overall will be calculated pro-rata. For example, if an NQT were to work for the whole of their induction period on a half-time contract, their induction period would last for six school terms. If a supply position meets induction standards and is contracted to last for a term or longer, then induction should go ahead. The types of supply positions which can offer induction are therefore maternity leave cover and long-term sick leave cover.

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Where can I complete my induction period?

State-maintained schools and non-maintained special schools are able to offer the induction programme. Sixth form colleges and some maintained nursery schools and independent schools can also offer the induction programme but there are certain requirements which must be met before the programme can go ahead.

What support will I get?

As an NQT, in addition to your individual programme of professional development, you will receive:

  • a 10 per cent reduction in your teaching timetable to give you time to develop your teaching skills away from the classroom. This is in addition to your statutory 10 per cent planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time
  • support from an induction tutor
  • regular reviews of your progress, and formal discussions at the end of each term with your tutor and/or head teacher

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