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Pay and benefits

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You may be surprised by how rewarding a teaching career can be. With starting salaries matching what you'd receive in many other professions, your experience and performance can see you achieve rapid progression, and enjoy the financial rewards to match.

Schools now have the freedom to develop pay policies that are tailored to their needs and circumstances, and that enable them to attract and retain those teachers that have the greatest impact on their pupils.

Schools can decide how much they pay a teacher and how quickly pay progresses, enabling the most successful teachers to progress faster on the basis of annual appraisals.

Starting salary

Once you have completed your initial teacher training (ITT) and achieved qualified teacher status (QTS), you can expect to start as a newly qualified teacher (NQT) in England and Wales on a minimum of £22,023 a year (or £27,543 if you work in inner London).

Main pay ranges, including NQTs:

  • London fringe: £23,082 to £33,244
  • Outer London: £25,623 to £35,823
  • Inner London: £27,543 to £37,119
  • Rest of England and Wales: £22,023 to £32,187

View definitions of the London fringe, outer London, and inner London 

Find out more about the reforms to teachers' pay in the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document 2014 (PDF, 536KB)

Teaching benefits

In addition to your basic salary, you will also receive a range of benefits, including:

  • teaching and learning responsibility (TLR) payments – additional money if you take on additional responsibilities
  • teachers' pension – the second largest public sector pension scheme in the country
  • holidays – more days than many people in other professions, though teachers work for 195 days per year in school, and do some work during their holidays

Salary ranges

England and Wales (excluding London and fringes) Inner London Outer London London fringe
Head teachers
Max £107,210 £114,437 £110,243 £108,271
Min £43,232 £50,461 £46,264 £44,290
Leading practitioners
Max £58,096 £65,324 £61,131 £59,151
Min £38,215 £45,436 £41,247 £39,267
Upper pay ranges
Max £37,496 £45,905 £41,247 £38,555
Min £34,869 £42,332 £38,355 £35,927
Main pay ranges
Max £32,187 £37,119 £35,823 £33,244
Min £22,023 £27,543 £25,623 £23,082
Unqualified teachers
Max £25,520 £29,673 £28,555 £26,577
Min £16,136 £20,293 £19,167 £17,196

Teaching and learning responsibility (TLR) payment

An additional payment to a teacher for taking on sustained additional responsibilities:

TLR 1 max £12,643
TLR 1 min £7,471
TLR 2 max £6,322
TLR 2 min


Special educational needs (SEN) allowance

An additional payment is available for taking on SEN responsibilities. An SEN allowance of no less than £2,043 and no more than £4,034 per annum is payable to a classroom teacher.

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