Teacher training – application form assistant


This tool is designed to help create draft versions of the two main written elements of your application for postgraduate initial teacher training (ITT), which you'll need to submit through the UCAS Teacher Training Application System. It features useful tips on what information to include, and how to appeal to ITT providers.

The two sections of the form are:

  • Your personal statement, which has a character limit of 4,000 (including blank spaces and line breaks).
  • Your school and work experience statement, which has a character limit of 1,600 (including blank spaces and line breaks).

This means you have a limited space to make a big impression. In this tool, we break up the personal statement into four key areas that you'll need to cover:

  • What makes you want to get into teaching
  • Why will you enjoy working with young people
  • Why you will enjoy teaching your subject
  • What you have to offer to teaching, other than specialist subject knowledge

We'll provide a running total of how many characters you've used, and you can go back and amend your answers at any point by using the 'Previous' button. Please be aware that using your browser's 'back' button will result in an error and your submission will be lost.

When you get to the end, you can email yourself your completed drafts. We recommend that you thoroughly review and spellcheck these before attempting to submit them in your application. When you go on to make your application, bear in mind that, once submitted to UCAS, you won't be able to edit your statement – even if you make further applications beyond the Apply One phase to different training providers. For more information on the application phases, visit the UCAS website

Please note that the character count is intended as a rough guide to help you keep your answers at approximately the correct length. It may not exactly match the character calculation of the UCAS Teacher Training form.

Remember that you need to have chosen a training provider, checked that you meet the entry requirements, and gained sufficient classroom experience before making your application.