Get practical tips on filling out application forms for initial teacher training (ITT) courses.

In general, take great care to provide accurate, relevant and compelling information that will convince initial teacher training (ITT) providers of your suitability for their programme.

This means taking every opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with the realities of teaching, as well as your enthusiasm for using your creative and intellectual skills in the classroom.

You can do this by including examples of any experience you have of working with young people – perhaps as a classroom assistant, or youth worker, or as a volunteer in a school. If you don't have such experience, we strongly recommend that you get some before deciding to become a teacher.

You might also complete your application in such a way as to:

  • emphasise the relevance of your previous work and/or studies for the course(s) you're applying for
  • provide evidence of your social and communication skills
  • organise your information so that it is clear and easily accessible for the reader

Follow these simple guidelines and you should put yourself in a good position to be invited to attend an interview with your chosen training providers, where you'll be able to build substantially on the evidence you provide on your form.

Don't forget, you won't be able to submit your application until your two references are complete. Think about who you'd like your references to be, and then contact them in advance so you are prepared.