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I’m an engineer – why teach?

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If you're passionate about engineering and you're thinking about becoming a teacher, then now is the perfect time to consider training in a shortage subject such as physics, maths or chemistry.

Are you:

  • studying engineering at university and thinking about your next steps?
  • a recent graduate of engineering?
  • an experienced engineer, who after a fulfilling career is looking for a change?
  • working in another industry sector but wish to apply your skills to a different profession?

If this sounds like you, and you'd thrive on sharing your knowledge with young people, teaching could be the right path for you.

Substantial tax-free bursaries of up to £25,000 are available for engineers with top degrees. The amount of bursary you will be eligible for depends on the subject you want to teach and your degree class. Alternatively, trainees in physics can apply for a £25,000 scholarship from the Institute of Physics (IOP)

To see what funding you might be entitled to, please visit our postgraduate funding page

To help engineers like you become physics teachers, an innovative new pilot programme has just been launched which allows you to train to teach physics with maths, rather than general science.

Teachers of physics, maths and chemistry are in demand, and as a result, there are good employment prospects and strong opportunities for career progression for engineers with the right skills.

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