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Become a maths teacher

A maths teacher with pupils
Good maths teachers are in high demand, and with good reason. A career in teaching maths constantly presents fresh challenges that reap high levels of job satisfaction.

Maths is a key curriculum subject that all young people deserve to be taught to the highest standards. If you have a top degree and train as a maths teacher, bursaries of up to £25,000 are available. The amount of bursary you will be eligible for depends on your degree class.

As an alternative option to the standard bursaries, the Institute of Mathematics and its Application (IMA), in collaboration with the London Mathematical Society (LMS), the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) and Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI) has teacher training scholarships of £25,000 available to eligible maths trainees.

The scholarship will be instead of the standard bursary, but trainees who are not awarded the scholarship will continue to be eligible for the standard bursaries.

To be a maths scholar you will need to have exceptional subject knowledge, enthusiasm for the study of maths, and outstanding potential to teach. Successful scholars will be offered additional support from the IMA, LMS, RSS and MEI to enable them to make a significant contribution to the development of maths teaching in the schools where they train and work. The package will include membership offers, access to teaching resources and academic journals, and early career support. Visit the IMA website for further information

For further details on bursaries, please visit our bursary information page

Maths teacher Ben Davies talks about teaching and what inspired him to teach.

You will also benefit from a competitive salary, starting at a minimum of £22,023 a year (or £27,543 if you work in inner London), excellent training, and great chances for career progression once you have qualified. A great teacher can earn up to £65,000 as a leading practitioner – with the job security of knowing that good maths teachers are always essential.

There is a shortage of maths teachers in England, and extra incentives are in place to encourage talented, knowledgeable people to apply for a career in teaching maths. With the financial aid to help you along the way, there's never been a better time to train as a maths teacher, whether you're a fresh graduate or looking to change your career for a more engaging challenge. Through coursework and classroom-based training, you can hone your skills to make a lasting impact, in a job that will ultimately help young people build better futures.

Extra support

We offer an enhanced support programme, Premier Plus, for people interested in teaching maths. If you're starting your training in the academic year 2015/16, you can receive:

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