Welcome to the Department for Education Tool Kit, which has been compiled by Finance and Commercial Group with the aim of providing guidance on the processes involved when undertaking Arm’s Length Body (ALB) Reform. The accompanying Tool Kit is split into several functional sections including commercial, finance, governance, planning, staffing and systems; with each section offering example letters, spreadsheets and other templates to help document the process that others may go through in the future. For obvious reasons, it focusses on the practical aspects around reform and closure, rather than the more specific issues that need to be addressed for an individual body – eg whether and where its functions transfer elsewhere, or are stopped.

The file is protected and the password can be obtained from Andy Ingham (andrew.ingham@education.gov.uk)

To open the file double click on it and then save it to a suitable folder on your network. Please open the ‘Read 1 - Intro to ALB reform’ file first as this provides background information to the ALB Reform programme.