Can we consider leasing arrangements, rather than purchasing freeholds?



 How much capital funding will I get for my school?

There is no fixed capital allocation for each Free School project.
The Secretary of State for Education will of course take into account the estimated, or potential, cost of each application when deciding which ones to approve.
We will be looking for projects that not only offer value for money but that are also low cost.

 Why have you cut the space standards for schools? Is it to save money?

We are looking to lighten the burden of school building and premises regulations - in part, to reduce red tape, but also because we believe that high quality teaching is not dependent on expensive, custom-designed school buildings.
Generally, we want to encourage a more flexible and entrepreneurial approach to thinking about capital and school building.

 Will there be capital funding available for refurbishments of old buildings to make them suitable for teaching or to build a brand-new school?

However, capital funding for Free Schools is about providing fit for purpose schools in a range of buildings, rather than distinctively designed and expensive new builds.