What obligations will Free Schools be subject to regarding religious education and collective worship?

Free Schools must teach religious education, and provide for a daily act of collective worship.
The type of religious education, and the nature of collective worship, is determined by its funding agreement and depend on its religious designation.
Requirements broadly reflect the provisions that apply to local authorities and schools in the maintained sector.

Free Schools with a religious designation must provide religious education, and a daily act of collective worship in accordance with the tenets of their faith.
Collective worship in a Free School without a religious designation should be of a broadly Christian nature.

 Do Free Schools have to follow the national curriculum?

One of the freedoms Academies and Free Schools enjoy is over what curriculum they deliver, providing it is a balanced and broadly based curriculum.
The new model funding agreement requires Academies and Free Schools to teach English, mathematics and science and to make provision for the teaching of religious education.

 Are Free Schools expected to engage with pupils’ parents and obliged to adopt home-school agreements?

By virtue of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998, Academies (and Free Schools as Academies) are required to adopt Home School agreements and seek that the parental declaration is signed by parents or guardians.

 Are Free Schools permitted to teach creationism/intelligent design and obliged to teach evolution?

We would expect to see evolution and its foundation topics fully included in any science curriculum.
We do not expect creationism, intelligent design and similar ideas to be taught as valid scientific theories in any state funded school.