Every year some children have an injury to their writing arm the week before the tests in a way that affects their ability to take the tests. When this happens, schools can use access arrangements (for example 25 per cent additional time and/or a scribe, word processor or transcript) to help the child access the tests. Schools do not need to request permission to use access arrangements in these circumstances.

If a child is injured more than a week before the tests they should be given the chance to practice with a scribe under test conditions and therefore will not be eligible for the 25 per cent additional time.

Schools must not open the tests early because of unforeseen injuries.

Illness at the time of the tests

Children who are ill on the day of the tests are not expected to sit them however schools should consider the use of a timetable variation if it is a minor illness and a child is not able to take the test later in the day. A timetable variation allows a child to take a test up to a week after the published test date. More information on applying for and administering a timetable variation is available on the Timetable variations page.

If a child does not take a test because of illness, the child should be entered as absent on the attendance register. 

Contact details

National curriculum assessments helpline
Telephone: 0300 303 3013