If it will be very difficult for a marker to read a child’s writing, a school can transcribe all or part of the child’s script. The original script must always be sent to the marker with the transcript. If the marker can read the child’s writing, they will mark the original work.

When transcribing a child’s work, the following guidelines must be adhered to:

  • a transcript can only be made at the end of the test
  • the test administrator should transcribe the work with the child present before the child leaves the test room
  • the child should be kept separate from the rest of the cohort until the transcript is complete
  • care must be taken to ensure that no original answers are changed
  • all punctuation and phrasing must be the child’s own
  • no assistance with spelling may be given in any of the tests
  • a different colour pen, but not red, must be used to transcribe onto the child’s script
  • extensive/full transcripts should be transcribed onto a new test paper
  • the child's original test script must be sent to the marker along with the use of a transcript form.

Children who cannot read their own writing should use a word processor or scribe, if this is normal classroom practice.

Braille scripts should not be transcribed as STA will make appropriate marking arrangements.

Making arrangements to use a transcript

Schools do not need to seek permission from STA or their local authority before making arrangements to produce a transcript for a key stage 2 test. However they must complete and return the notification form which is available to download from this web page.

Contact details

National curriculum assessments helpline
Telephone: 0300 303 3013
Email: assessments@education.gov.uk