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Admission authorities should consider very carefully before referring an in-year change to school admission arrangements to the schools adjudicator.

Changes to school admission arrangements can only be varied in accordance with section 88E of the Schools Standards and Framework Act 1998, and the Regulations made under that section.

You can access the Schools Standards and Framework Act 1998 via the link in the associated resources section to the right of this page.

When to refer the request to the schools adjudicator

Unless a major change in circumstances makes it unavoidable, once parents have been asked to make their choices a referral should not be submitted.

Note: A major change in circumstances is considered to be a serious and unexpected event affecting the provision of education at the school.

Where there has been a major change which warrants a change in-year, the admission authority must submit proposed changes to the schools adjudicator. At the same time they must notify all the bodies which were - or should have been - consulted before arrangements were decided.

Situations where a referral is not required

A request to a schools adjudicator may not always be necessary, for example when a misprint occurred in published admission arrangements.

An admission authority may vary its arrangements when it is necessary to effect an admission forum protocol, or to give effect to any mandatory requirements in the School Admissions Code (SAC).

A link to the most recent guidance and codes on school admissions which are published by the Department for Education, is available from the associated resources section to the right of this page.