Section 96 Interim Arrangements – update 20 July 2011

The Government published a Statement of Intent outlining the future publication of headline performance indicators on 20 July 2011.  The statement can be viewed at this link:

All qualifications which were submitted to the Department for consideration for funding approval under Section 96 before 20 July will be processed according to the interim arrangements in place up to that date.  Qualifications submitted to the Department for consideration for funding approval under Section 96 after 20 July will be processed in accordance with the new arrangements detailed below.

From 20 July 2011 the following arrangements will apply to the consideration of qualifications for which Section 96 approval is sought.

1. No new qualifications to be approved for use pre-16. With the exception of any newly accredited GCSEs and equivalent academic qualifications (including iGCSEs with an established track record), no new qualifications for use pre-16 will be approved until further notice.  Please note that there is no longer a requirement for pre-16 qualifications to be compliant with the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).

2. Newly accredited qualifications for use post 16 will in general be approved.

3. Only qualifications that meet high-quality standards shall be eligible for consideration for public funding. Accreditation by Ofqual (or a regulatory body recognised by them) will be expected to provide these assurances.  Account will also be taken of whether the qualification is suitable for the age group in terms of maturity, social well-being and health and safety requirements.

In all cases, the Secretary of State will retain the ability to approve or not to approve qualifications on an individual basis.

Please Note: Section 96 lists all qualifications which are approved for use in maintained schools and colleges; it does not indicate the status of any qualification in the performance tables.  DfE will separately determine which of the qualifications on Section 96 are reflected in the performance tables.


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