Review of the supply of scientists and engineers - Key IssuesConsultation Paper (Sir Gareth Roberts Review)

Scientists and engineers make many vital contributions to the UKs economy, but one of the most important in todays high-technology world is that of innovative research and development (R&D).For the UKs world-class science base to provide a firm foundation for R&D,it is important that businesses, universities and the public sector are able to attract and retain high-quality scientists and engineers from the UK and around the world.

In response to concerns that innovative businesses in the UK sometimes find it difficult to recruit the skilled researchers they need, the Government has asked me to lead an independent review of the supply of scientists and engineers in the UK. As well as examining the numbers of scientists and engineers in the UK and the jobs they do, I will be looking at the skills needed by businesses for their R&D activity, and at the skills gained by science and engineering graduates and postgraduate students, particularly PhD students. A major focus of the work will be to investigate how businesses and universities communicate and collaborate in providing relevant training to students.


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