Standards for the Award of Qualified Teacher Status and Requirements for the Provision of Initial Teacher Training : consultation version

Newly qualified teachers are increasingly well prepared for teaching. This is demonstrated by OFSTED evidence each year on their classroom performance. The improvements have been hard earned and nobody doubts that those preparing for teaching work diligently. Similarly, providers and partnership schools have worked very closely to embed quality in all aspects of the training. As a result, providers can, more than ever, assure trainees of a rich professional preparation for a rewarding professional career. There has never been a better time for those entering the profession.

The benefits of these improvements are many. Good teaching is at the heart of the drive to raise standards in schools. Good teachers motivate the young and provide strong role models. More than that, when quality is improving so markedly among those who are very new to the profession, the effect is felt by everyone – by those who work alongside new teachers, and by those who manage and lead them, as well as by the children they teach.




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