Improving the Higher Education Applications Process

On 22 May 2006, the Government issued a UK-wide response to the consultation on Improving the Higher Education Applications Process.  The response makes a number of recommendations for the sector to implement for 2008/09 with a view to working towards post-qualification applications by 2012.  

The Government recommends that the sector establishes a Delivery Partnership to lead a number of reforms that will:

• make it easier for students to understand the entry requirements of the courses available;
• provide more and better information on which HEIs can base their admissions decisions; 
• involve students submitting, and HEIs considering, fewer initial applications, thereby reducing administrative burdens; 
• ensure applications are considered on the basis of a gathered field, creating a more equal chance for all students and reducing the temptation for them to place early, ill-researched applications;
• give students better feedback on their applications, allowing them to make better informed decisions about their HE options; 
• give those who have failed to gain an offer with their initial applications better opportunities to continue applying in search of a place;
• result in fewer students needing to enter Clearing; and
• offer those students who have achieved higher grades than required by their first firm conditional offer the chance to seek an alternative place that best matches their aspirations and circumstances. 

The Government recommends a further review in 2010/11 to facilitate the objective of moving towards PQA by 2012. 

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