We will update this section of the site regularly to reflect the queries and concerns we receive from our customers.

 How do I contact the Ministerial and Public Communications Division?

By phone: 0370 000 2288 By email: consultation.unit@education.gsi.gov.uk 
By post: Ministerial and Public Communications Division (Consultations), Department for Education, Castle View House, East Lane, Runcorn WA7 2GJ.

 Why does this consultation last less than 12 weeks?

The Department for Education complies with the Government Principles on Consultation which sets out the criteria for good practice which Government Departments should follow. The Principles allow greater flexibility in the length of time consultations can be run.

Link: Government Principles on Consultation

 Can I download a Word version of a consultation or response form from this website?

Yes. You can download copies of the documents by going into the relevant consultation from the home page.

 Why can't I complete the Word or PDF response form?

The Word or PDF response forms are not designed to be completed electronically. They are intended for people who wish to fill the form in manually and send it by post. It is possible to type comments in the text boxes of the Word form, but the tickboxes are not interactive. You can however highlight which option you have selected by emboldening the selection or by replacing the tickbox with an X. If you wish to respond electronically, please use the online response facility.

 Do I have to provide personal details when submitting my response?

No, responses can be submitted anonymously.

 How do I obtain a paper copy of a consultation document or order further copies?

You can download copies of any consultation documents from this website by accessing the relevant consultation from the home page.  If documents are available to order from the Department’s distribution centre, Prolog, or The Stationery Office details of how to obtain them will be included within the 'Additional Copies' section of the consultation. 

 Do I need to respond using the consultation response form?

No, we are happy to accept responses in other formats. However the majority of our consultations ask specific questions so it would be helpful if you could make it clear which question your individual comments refer to.

 Do I need to answer all the questions in a consultation?

No, you can respond to all questions or just those that you feel are relevant to you or your organisation.

 How can I find out who is being asked to consult?

Members of the target audience are listed within each consultation.

 I am looking for a consultation but it does not appear on this website. Where can I find it?

You should be able to access all consultations run by the Department for Education from this website. Further information on other government department consultations can be found on the Gov.uk website.

 Where can I find information on consultation events?

Information on consultation events will be published on the website when details are known.

 I am experiencing difficulties completing the online response form or downloading the documents. Who can help me?

If you experience any difficulty using this website, or wish to report a technical error, please contact us on 0370 000 2288 or email consultation.unit@education.gsi.gov.uk

 I'd like to discuss the consultation document with someone - who do I need to speak to?

For all consultation content enquiries please contact 0370 000 2288.

 I am/my organisation is interested in the issues raised in the consultation and we'd like to pilot it. Who do I need to speak to?

Thank you for your interest. Please send an email to the mailbox for the relevant consultation, giving your contact details, so that someone from the policy team concerned can get in touch. You will find the mailbox address in the 'How To Respond' section of the consultation document.

 What is the deadline for submitting my response?

The deadline for sending in responses for each of our live consultations appears on the home page of this website and on the front page of the consultation document and response form downloads. 

 What is the latest time I can submit a response on the closing date of the consultation?

If you are responding online you must submit your response by 23.45 on the closing date - after this time the consultation will move from the live consultations section of the website to the archive.   If you are responding by email your response should arrive in the consultation mailbox by midnight on the closing date.  Postal responses will be accepted if they arrive in the morning post the day after the consultation has closed.

 Can the deadline for responses be extended?

Responses will always be accepted after the deadline has passed though we cannot guarantee that such responses will be included within the results of a consultation.  Policy Teams will make a decision on whether late responses can be included depending on the time available for collating and publishing the results of the consultation. 

 What if I miss the deadline - will my views still be considered?

All late responses will be forwarded to the policy team for consideration.

 When will the consultation results be published?

We aim to publish the results of a consultation by the time specified in the 'Plans for Making Results Public' section of the consultation document.  Results can be viewed in the archive section of this website.

 Where can I get a copy of a consultation that has now closed?

From the archive section of this website. If you experience difficulties in finding a particular consultation contact the Department’s Public Enquiry Line on 0370 000 2288.

 How can I provide feedback on a particular consultation or the process in general?

Please contact the Department's Consultation Co-ordinator, Carole Edge, by email: carole.edge@education.gsi.gov.uk or telephone: 0370 000 2288