NAMCW Qualifications
Information on some qualifications gained through NAMCW is insufficient for mapping. The NAMCW qualifications that have been mapped have not met any of our mandatory criteria for delivering the EYFS. Therefore practitioners holding only NAMCW qualifications are required to undergo further training.

PSLA/PPA Foundation Course
The PSLA/PPA Foundation Course is not appropriate for inclusion on the Qualifications List as it was not a standardised qualification and had no mandatory content. PSLA have provided opportunities for people holding the Foundation Course Certificate to update to new qualifications, including 'fast track' Diplomas for experienced staff and NVQs. The practitioner should speak to PSLA in this instance for advice on topping up the qualification:

How to Submit Qualifications Mapping Requests
If you are unable to find your qualifications on the Qualifications List, this is because the National College for Teaching and Leadership has not received a request to do so. If you would like to have your qualification added to the Qualifications List please download a mapping request form and submit one completed form with one copy of the full course content to;

Qualifications Mapping Requests:
Contracts & Funding Division
National College for Teaching and Leadership
Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD.