Teaching Advocate Programme registration

Becoming a teaching advocate gives you the chance to promote your profession and support teacher recruitment by helping people make an informed decision about a career in teaching. Register your details using the form below.

We will ask you to provide us with:

  • information about yourself, your school and your role within the school
  • information about your teaching qualifications and teaching experience
  • information about additional responsibilities you hold within the school and your availability to support the National College for Teaching and Leadership (part of the Department for Education) in the future

The information captured will be used for reporting and analysis purposes, and to enable effective communication between the National College for Teaching and Leadership and teachers taking part in Teaching Advocate Programme (TAP) activities.

DfE number and head teacher authorisation

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  3. From time to time your participation in the Teaching Advocate Programme may affect your school (for example, being interviewed by a journalist from a national/local newspaper) and we would be grateful if you sought your head teacher's permission to participate in the programme from the outset (if you are a head teacher, authorisation is not required)

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